Which languages does MEAP work with?

MEAP is Compatible with the following Steinberg Windows Audio Applications:

Cubase 7.x (Windows: 32 & 64 bit)
Nuendo 6.x (Windows: 32 & 64 bit)
Cubase 6.x (Windows: 32 & 64 bit)
Cubase 5.x, Studio (Windows: 32 & 64 bit)
Nuendo 5.x (Windows: 32 & 64 bit)
Cubase 4.x, Studio, Essential, AI, LE (Windows: 32 & 64 bit)
Nuendo 4.x (Windows: 32 & 64 bit)
Cubase SX3, SL, SE (Windows)
Nuendo 3 (Windows)
Cubase SX2 (Windows)
English, Italian, German, French, Spanish

MEAP works in most languages but may require switching keyboard layout in windows languages other than English, Italian, German, French, Spanish. This is due to the complex nature of the MEAP Key Commands.

MEAP is a Windows only application.

MEAP will run on all known current versions of Windows 32 bit and 64 bit. English, Italian, German, French, Spanish.

Running MEAP in other languages may require changing your Windows keyboard language temporarily.