Testimonials & Kind Words

These are some of the many genuine and heartfelt testimonials received over the past few years. We are grateful to every one of you for sending them in. Thank you!

  • Big Daddy

    OK – Why this is not available natively within Cubase or Nuendo is unbelievable but even if it was – There would be no way to change locators on each exported track – So when the time comes – I’m sticking with MEAP anyway.

    I mean, it is just crazy setting it going and knowing it is doing all the work, while I go and watch the football… And I HATE football.

    Love it! Thank you. BD.

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  • Ian Livingstone

    Hey Phil just wanted to say huge thanks for your amazing product. I’m doing track laying for Harry Potter Half Blood Prince Movie at the moment, we’re running late and I never would have got through it in time without MEAP – it’s not nearly 5am and still another couple of cues to do before we record at Abbey Rd at 10am!

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  • Ivan Flack

    Superb software, does exactly what it claims…!

    Saves me “faffing” about with a whole lot of other useless stuff.

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  • dfloyd

    This is a very valuable tool. Works really well for me here. I had to do a 3 projects over the last couple of days, while being sick with sinus crap……you know the show must go on.

    I was down to the wire completing the projects, and had to get them out the door late last night.

    I must say, using MEAP was such a pleasant experience, freed me up to catch up on the other computer, making DVD labels, and answering e-mail, reporting bugs browsing the beta forums……while MEAP did all the work for me. It’s great to free your mind of something that you usually have to really concentrate on to get it done correctly.

    So far on complex projects, i don’t really try to do all of it in one shot, and may break it up in doing just the instruments inside a folder, and then move to the others….a group of tracks at a time….even doing it this way is still such a help.

    Perhaps, I’ll get bold, and try to do a complete project in one shot. I just don’t want to disturb my folder arrangement, taking tracks out of them, in order to get it the whole project done in one shot. But I may get to that point.

    Anyways, you’re a genius guy. Anyone that has to render audio files for their clients, has got to get this!!!! :D

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  • tnomis

    Great Stuff! Hi Phil, I finally got round to using your app just as the new version (6.10.525) is released. …Lucky me. 8)
    It’s working flawlessly and I’m delighted with it.
    Thanks for all your effort

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  • Ahmd

    Dnt know what we will do without the MEAP.  Thx for your hard works and beautiful fast support.

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  • jeremy

    Hi Phil and other users,

    Just wanted to throw some appreciation to Phil for the great features and hard work! These last couple of updates have really added some amazing new features! One step closer to auto-mixing, eh? :lol:

    That’s it; no bugs to report!

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  • rebrand

    This has already saved about 2 hours after I purchased this today. I spent the time with better things than creating stems of about 200 midi tracks. Meap did this all by itself, better than a studio assistant.. fantastic! Thanks Phil!!

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  • Thiago Gobet

    Hi Phil! Just would like to say a big thank you to put your effort on writing Meap.

    It is indeed a big timesaver program.

    I was so anxious when i tested first time that i forgot to check the settings! :)
    But just after check the settings, about preferences keyboard shortcuts etc, on my daw (that “enable record on selected track stuff” and etc), it works pretty well.

    It works great, and i recommend to everyone. Just PLEASE Make SURE you, READ THE MANUAL CAREFULLY, and DOUBLE CHECK all your settings before get on despair. :)

    If you do that, it really works!!!!

    Thiago Gobet
    Film and Game music composer

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  • chimp_spanner

    Just to say this is an absolutely fantastic piece of software – hats off to you! I recently multi sampled a drumkit, and once all the drum mic channels had been split up into parts, it came to around 3000 samples. I was soloing, setting locators, exporting and naming by hand. Got about 500 files in and thought…there HAS to be another way to do this.

    Still working out the best method to use it but so far it’s 100% improvement. And I’m saving myself some rather nasty RSI in the process!

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  • stevie

    you did it …..again !
    The speed increase is amazing !

    Thx !

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  • Levelsound

    Hi Phil,
    Sending the “dummy” worked perfectly. MEAP looks like saving me lots of time and effort!
    Many thanks again,

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  • nexis

    Hey Phil,
    Great Job Phil, Keep up the GREAT work! It was hard for me to accept MEAP at first. …what do I need this program for? But, now that I own it and am using it, I realize how great it is and how useful it is. I should have gotten it a long time ago :) Talk to you soon,

    Joe “nexis”

    That’s too bad there isn’t a MEAP for old Sonar (or) old PC version of Logic. I have SOOO many projects that I’d like to convert just for storage purposes! I guess I will have to do those that long way :) …Cheers! CUBASE IS THE BEST DAW! …and MEAP is right there along side it!!!

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  • Christos Andreou

    Exporting stems for a mix of the new TV Drama Series ‘Moiraia Feggaria’ which I am currently writing the music. MEAP – Multi Export Audio Pro makes it such a breeze. Thank you Phil Pendlebury for such an amazing application!

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  • KD Sound

    Hi Phil,

    I just wanted to drop a note and tell you how great MEAP is and to thank you for all your work on it. Common headaches and time consuming work arounds I’ve used for years have magically disappeared and my work flow has changed significantly for the better. Getting my stuff from Nuendo to protools stages has always been a source of anxiety. but with MEAP, I know the PT mixers will have the separation they need and flexibility they expect. I’m actually going to be delivering to some big league guys soon and I have been worrying about having to condense too much stuff to stems.. it would have taken me days to manually get all my stuff out the way MEAP can do it while I’m out to lunch … it’s so easy

    thanks again

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  • Aaron Briel

    Phil your software is AMAZING!!!…

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  • humanray

    Hi Phil,

    When working with Hardware Soundmodules your tool is indespenisble – as I do not have to enable my Hardware-Synths as External-Synth-VSTi which would cause a lot of Latency and cost a lot of Audio-Inputchannels.

    Simply open an empty Audiotrack enable Solosafe & Monitoring and I’m ready to go.

    Offline Bouncing of VSTi Synths usually takes only a few Seconds – but Hardware Synths can only be bounced online. This is a really big timesaver for me, and I do not have to change anything in my Setup to make it work!

    I just plugged all my Synths into the 02r and record the Stereo Output digitally one by one with MEAP when my Arrangement is done.

    Your support is great and MEAP now supports even Cubase 5!

    Thank you very much for your endless hard work.

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  • soundmagus

    Excellent Application, works like a charm ;)

    Hi Phil,

    I just wanted to say that this application is a life saver when it comes to getting audio from Cubase 4 into Ableton Live in such a way that its easy to cut up the audio in live for the session view for playing live.

    I cant say enough thank yous, you have made a very tedious process easy, quick, efficient and details, thanks for your hard work.


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  • Bruce Valeriani

    This is an amazing amazing tool for Cubase and Nuendo users!

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  • Max Orian

    Why steinberg programmers don’t include the powerful MEAP features directly in the export dialog?? It could be simply the most powerful export system ever created for a D.A.W.! However It’s really a powerful program and I Just adore it!

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  • MEAP Featured in Sound on Sound Magazine

    MEAP gets a mention from producer Jochem van der Saag in this edition of Sound on Sound magazine.

    Jochem van der Saag

    Jochem van der Saag

    Jochem talks about his procedure in the studio it’s a fascinating read.

    When Seal decided to pay tribute to classic soul records, he turned to legendary producer David Foster — and his right-hand man, Jochem van der Saag, who was responsible for mixing and much more.

    Jochem is an all round great guy and one of MEAP’s early adopters and supporters. We are very grateful for his kind words.

    After I’ve done my thing, we focus on recording the vocals and the live instruments: guitars, bass, drums, horns, strings, and so on. As we record these in a commercial studio, I’ll export WAV stems from Cubase, using Phil Pendlebury’s MEAP program. I’ll include a MIDI file with tempo information and markers, plus a click, so they can set up their Pro Tools session exactly like I have it.

    You can read the full article here.…

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  • MEAP Featured in German SOFTBEAT Magazine

    MEAP gets a review in the German SOFTBEAT Magazine

    MEAP ist ein Hilfsprogramm für die jeweiligen Versionen
    3 bis 5 von Steinbergs Vorzeigeapplikationen
    Cubase und Nuendo, das den automatischen Audioexport
    von individuellen MIDI-Instrumenten und Audiospuren
    ermöglicht. Damit erspart sich der Benutzer
    deren zeitaufwändigen manuellen Export in einem
    Projekt. Dies ist zum Beispiel praktisch, um alle Audiospuren
    für die Weiterverwendung in einem anderen
    Studio, für Remixe oder für das Stem-Mastering vorzubereiten.
    Dabei stehen clevere Exportfunktionen
    bereit: So können die erzeugten Dateien automatisch
    benannt sowie ein Screenshot des fertig gestellten
    Exports erstellt werden. Des Weiteren lässt sich auch
    eine Textdatei mit einer Historie aller Aktionen und
    aller exportierten Dateien oder einer Spurenliste erzeugen.
    An Funktionen zum automatischen Speichern
    eines neuen Projekts vor dem Exportvorgang und zum
    Herunterfahren des Betriebssysstems danach wurde
    ebenfalls gedacht.
    Wie die Update-Historie zeigt, entwickelt der Autor
    Phil Pendlebury sein Programm MEAP konstant weiter:
    So unterstützt das Werkzeug in der aktuellen Version
    6 bereits die neue Cubase-Version 5. Obwohl diese
    über eine eigene Batch-Export-Funktion verfügt, bietet
    MEAP leistungsfähigere Möglichkeiten wie das Speichern
    einzelner Parts einer Spur. Neben einer englischsprachigen
    Dokumentation sind im Lieferumfang der
    einfach bedienbaren Software auch vier kleine Hilfsprogramme
    Zu einem sehr günstigen Preis erhält der geneigte Käufer
    ein nützliches und zuverlässiges Werkzeug. Dabei ist
    die Anwendung nicht nur für Besitzer älterer Cubase-
    Versionen, die noch keine eigene Multiexportfunktion
    bieten, zu empfehlen. Auch Cubase-5-Benutzern profitieren
    von den flexiblen Möglichkeiten von MEAP.

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  • scrummy

    All I can say is, Phil, you da man. Thanks for the continued support and updates on a great product!

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  • Ott


    Bloody genius. Worked first time. Best quids I’ve spent in a long while.

    Thanks for freeing up countless hours of my life.


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  • jkw0815

    MEAP is the best in all that I’ve waited so long. it saves so much time and unnecessary clicks. really an excellent work. many thanks for that.

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  • Jochem van der Saag

    After I’ve done my thing, we focus on recording the vocals and the live instruments: guitars, bass, drums, horns, strings, and so on. As we record these in a commercial studio, I’ll export WAV stems from Cubase, using Phil Pendlebury’s MEAP program. I’ll include a MIDI file with tempo information and markers, plus a click, so they can set up their Pro Tools session exactly like I have it. They then give me back consolidated WAV files which have the same starting points as my files.

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  • atchala

    As a studio owner and engineer, mixer, producer I can’t emphasize enough how
    Time = Money. And MEAP saves time. Plus, during that export time I am not staring at a computer with my back to the band. I am instead talking to the band or catching up on callbacks or cleaning up or getting ready for the next session.

    Having to tediously bounce each track is equivalent to staring into the oven while baking a pie. It’s silly that someone didn’t work this out for digital exports sooner.

    Thanks, PHIL. Now my computer is doing it’s job again– instead of waiting for my command every 4 minutes.

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  • parismacmahon

    Thanks Phil keep up the good work, we love ya for it…………….. :-)

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  • missionrec

    Thanks for your time, and your app . . . your program has given me back 6.5 hours of my time today alone!



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  • Mark – Cubase Guru

    The best way [to export a Cubase project to pro-tools] is to use MEAP to export all channels and all separate parts on those channels as audio, use the exported text file to put everything to the correct bars etc. Then you are set.

    Check http://www.meap.biz/ for the MEAP application, I use it to get my Cubase tracks into Ableton Live for live manipulation and its great.

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  • timsnell

    Thanks for the download and for developing this piece of software which will allow me to focus more on the fun parts of writing music and less on exporting audio!

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  • Derek Cook

    Hi, I just wanted to say thanks for providing a useful tool.

    I was looking for an automated track export utility as I have upgraded to Cubase 4, but I still have friends on Cubase 3, so I wanted to still be able to share data at track level if I can’t do it at project level.

    Cubase 4 is great, but is missing a few things (still) such as tempo track in project window and multiple track export! :shock:

    So I finally had time over the holidays to install and configure MEAP, and found it to be fairly painless, and it does the job perfectly!

    So once again, thanks :D


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  • Tamas Dragon

    Yesterday I purchased it. Man, all I can say is a big THANK YOU! It’s already saved me hours of useless clicking. :)

    Really thank you.

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  • jjo

    All I can say is that you are a Genius and Steinberg should give you at least 3-5 million for helping them out.

    You just saved me from buying a seperate computer and and PT/Le rig.
    I was getting tired of exporting so I decided on just tracking staight into pt. but now I don’t have to. Download and let the engineer import.
    He should have digi translater anyway if he is going to use pt.

    Anyway thanks again.

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  • Blue Bear Sound

    Wow! Just wow!

    That’s all I can say…. how Steiny was clueless enough to omit the kind of functionality MEAP provides I’ll never understand, but thank god for this little gem!!!

    Having recently needed to export literally thousands of VO clips out of Cubase – MEAP saved my sanity (and my client’s budget!) big-time….

    Phil… DUDE! YOU ROCK!!!

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  • paulwr

    MEAP version 6.4 here. Just got it rolling. I’m watching periodically over to my DAW and rack of slave computers as 21 midi tracks are automatically exporting……….. THAT is heaven sent!! My projects are usually orchestral and out of my 220+ tracks that I have loaded at all times as a template, I record 75+90 or more. With mixing down some tracks to ‘stem’ submixes, I have to generally export to 24-36 stereo audio tracks and it can take a long time. NOT ANY MORE!!!!!!!!!

    I will be experimenting with some of the more sophisticated file naming options that can include things such as exact location of a part in the project, but right now having all my parts record from the beginning and just to the end of the part (with an extra bar added automatically to catch reverb tails!!) I am doing just fine.

    Thanks, Phil, Thank A LOT!!

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  • kickerkeith

    working great here!! good work my son.


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  • stevef

    Now the new version is out, I wil add my public thanks for adding the new exporting of cycle markers feature. For what I do, it’s an absolutley marvellous tool and will save me a huge amount of effort, even if i will probably drink too much coffee now!

    Keep up the great work. And anyone thinking about buying this – Don’t hesitate

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  • fgy

    After an initial problem with setup – I can honestly say this has changed the way I work. I now have a life when projects are ready for export.

    Doh Why didn’t I read the manual!

    Thank you sooooo much!

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  • blaskow

    Thanks for the help, this will save me HOURS upon HOURS when converting old projects to my new DAW (studio one v2)

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  • shelter

    Hi Phil

    One of the most unpleasant and time consuming chores with either Nuendo or Cubase has always been the export operation. A task that in addition to fetching the Tea etc., has usually been dumped on the trainee, for obvious reasons.

    The speed and efficiency of MEAP is quite impressive and has enabled us to remove a significant amount of overhead from our workflow. MEAP’s handling of stubs is a great step forward and will undoubtedly save us a substantial amount of storage.

    It may not be a part of your strategy but, if MEAP could be applied to some of the other production systems we’d appreciate it even more. In any event a great product and one that has even solicited a smile from our trainee.

    Best regards


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