Can MEAP export folder tracks?

Exporting Folder Tracks

MEAP can export folder tracks for you.

To do this simply close all folders you wish to export and select the first folder track that you want to export.

For example, if you want to export 3 folder tracks:

  • Make sure the tracks within the folder are routed to your master bus (optional)
  • Close the 3 folder tracks.
  • Move them so that they are underneath each other
  • Set the number of exports to 3 (or use the last folder track name as the Stop Track)
  • Proceed as normal.

Note: You may have to adjust the colour of your folder tracks so that MEAP recognises the Solo Button.

Exporting Folder Tracks
Exporting Folder Tracks

See here for more info:

For more information on folder tracks please refer to the MEAP manual.