I’m in a hurry! How do it get MEAP going quick?

Ideally you would read the manual from cover to cover but if you are in a real rush, here’s a few essential tips:

  • Select the MEAP Key Commands in your audio application (MEAP will not work without this). Remember to SAVE your own Key Commands first.
  • Set your audio application’s display to the default brightness and contrast (your actual monitor display is irrelevant).
  • Make sure the Export Audio dialog is set up correctly. (Set to close after export etc.)
  • When you have started MEAP, select the correct audio application in MEAP’s drop down list (MEAP will not work without this).
  • Preferences > Solo Selected Tracks = OFF!
  • Be sure that the main Cubase / Nuendo window is on your main monitor (if you are using more than 1 display).

Do a small dummy export. Make a tiny project with a few 4 bar parts. Get MEAP set up using that.

If MEAP is getting track names it needs to see a SOLO button. Make sure they are visible.
MEAP needs to step down one track at a time. Make sure you don’t have dividers or rulers in the way.

  • On some Windows systems you will have to make sure you are running MEAP as an Administrator. An ordinary process (a process run as a standard user) can not interact with or exchange information with an admin process. So if your audio application is running with elevated privileges, MEAP cannot interact with it. As of version 7.67.050 you can now simply start MEAP by selecting the shortcut “MEAP (Run as Admin)“. Or make sure you set MEAP to Run as Administrator. You can do this by Right Clicking on the MEAP short-cut and selecting “Run as administrator”.

Run as administrator