How do I deal with Mono / Stereo tracks?

MEAP will export exactly what Cubase exports.

So for example: If you have a project which has a mix of stereo and mono tracks there is no way to alternate your export between the two.

Bear in mind that the way MEAP works is to automate the process of the export via Cubase, (as seen in all the videos etc.)

So if you want to export MONO tracks only you must click the “Mono Export” box within the Cubase / Nuendo Export Dialog.

Most of my users get around this by doing two exports:

  • Move all stereo tracks to the top of project and export all the stereo tracks as stereo files.
  • Then export the remaining mono tracks as mono files by checking the box mentioned above.

I am constantly trying to find a way to make this more automatic but it involves a lot of graphics and very unreliable methods.