MEAP 7.67.141 Update Released

MEAP 7.67.141

MEAP version 7.67.141 update has been released.

This is a minor maintenance update which mainly deals with the new MEAp Shots Upload page but also contains a few minor tweaks.

In previous version – the MEAP Shots application would direct you to a local Box Net widget in order to upload your MEAP Shots file. This has now been changed to an online form that is part of the MEAP Website. Meaning that in future the form can be modified and adjusted without inconveniencing the user. Also all graphics are then stored in a database so that if the user even loses them, we can easily re-supply them again.

7.67.141 UPDATE:

  • Updated MEAP Shots Application
  • Updated MEAP Manual
  • New Key Commands File
  • Two minor bugs squashed

This is a free update for all registered MEAP users.

Please note, as usual, if you are using any custom MEAP graphics you will need to replace them after installing the update.