MEAP 7.69.595 Update Released

MEAP 7.69.595

MEAP version 7.69.595 update has been released.

This update speeds up the initial screen capture when getting track names. It does this by dividing your screen into thirds and only looking at the left third. This can be done because normally Cubase’s track list will reside on the far left of your screen.

If this is not the case for you then the figure can be easily adjusted using the ini file:


The number 3 is the fraction of your screen that MEAP will examine. So if you change this to 2 then MEAP will look only at the left half of the screen.

Also MEAP has been recompiled with the latest software compiler. A bug was fixed that could cause a memory leak when using screen capturing. This may not have affected MEAP but the re-compile was done anyway.

7.69.595 UPDATE:

  • Increased speed of initial capture by at least double
  • Re-compiled all applications with latest compiler (14.12)*
  • *Fixed potential memory leak with screen capture

This is a free update for all registered MEAP users.

Please note, as usual, if you are using any custom MEAP graphics you will need to replace them after installing the update.