MEAP 7.69.800 Update Released

MEAP 7.69.800 Button Method

MEAP version 7.69.800 update has been released.

This update is a maintenance release and addresses a rare issue where the EXPORT Key Command would cause MEAP to hang instead of Exporting. This is due to the Key Command being received very inconsistently by Cubase / Nuendo. Therefore the ini file now uses the Button method again as default. Any users who were having success with KeyCommand method can change back to that method in the ini file if desired.

Also we have completed some test in Cubase 7.5 and MEAP seems to behave normally using the Cubase 7.0 Audio Application option.

  • Changed default method of hitting EXPORT button (6/7) to use the Button method, due to Key Commands behaving inconsistently.
  • Re-compiled MEAP with latest compiler (14.0.18)

This is a free update for all registered MEAP users.

Please note, as usual, if you are using any custom MEAP graphics you will need to replace them after installing the update