MEAP fails to get track names in Cubase

Having trouble with MEAP getting track names in Cubase 8 (or later versions)? Especially if it has been working fine in earlier Cubase versions?

The symptoms of this could be that you notice the mouse move to the Inspector instead of to the track that is active. Or that you notice MEAP entering odd things instead of the track name.

This is most likely because you have your Inspector open and the Solo button and background in the inspector looks very similar to the Solo button and background on a selected track.

Simple solution – CLOSE THE INSPECTOR when exporting with MEAP using Cubase 8.x (and onwards).

Solo Buttons in Inspector
Solo Button looks similar in Inspector & track list

More info:

MEAP gets track names by finding the active Solo button on the selected track and moving the mouse over to get the actual track name.

If MEAP sees something that looks like an active solo button on a selected track it will move to the first image is sees. In Cubase 8 the background in the Inspector has become very similar to the background colour of a selected track.

You can also – Read more about this in the manual.