MEAP does odd things when I use Skip Folder Tracks


  • You have Skip Open Folders or Skip Closed Folders selected in MEAP’s Project Options area
  • All tracks get skipped
  • No tracks get exported but MEAP finishes without any error
  • Mouse pointer jumps around screen

You can adjust the tolerance in the ini file or use your own graphics and set the tolerance value to 1.

In the ini file:


The second setting (def_coef_skip_tolerance=0.97) is for finding a the Mute button (or the folder open / close) on a selected track. If this value is set too low, MEAP may think an ordinary Mute button is a match and skip every track..

Note: If you are having trouble with this area (skipping muted tracks, folder tracks or odd behaviour when using frozen tracks) the best way to resolve it would be to get an exact capture of your setup’s Mute Button, Folder Open / Closed and Frozen Solo on a selected track. Then set the values to 1 (exact match). The easiest way to do this is to use the MEAP SHOTS application. If you are unsure how to do this please contact support.

More Info:

The reason it is happening is that a little while ago a new way of recognising the buttons was introduced which is really clever as it allows for a large amount of tolerance. the number 1 trouble users have had over the years with MEAP was that Graphics Not Found error because their screen was not set up exactly the same way as when the MEAP buttons were captured.
Unfortunately, one of the side effects of this is:
MEAP has to scan the entire left side of the screen – on the first export only – to find that first selected Solo track. After that MEAP will only look around the previous track that was exported. But the problem is on the first export, it may find a Mute button even if not selected. This will only happen if the Skip Muted Tracks or Folder Tracks option is selected.
In the latest version of MEAP the tolerance for the Skip Selected area is much higher so it will only find an almost exact match for a selected Mute Button.
Of course the problem may now arise that your Selected Mute/Folder Button looks different from the original and will not be recognised at all. In which case we will nee to make custom graphics as mentioned above.