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ABOUT Frozen VSTI Tracks


Frozen VSTi Tracks behave slightly differently to regular tracks (and regular frozen audio tracks).


The MIDI track itself appears "greyed out" and any parts on it are locked, unable for any kind of editing. Also the Solo / Mute buttons do not light up on frozen tracks.



A frozen track "Bass 2" note the grey colour and the padlock icon on the MIDI part.


How does MEAP handle this?


Thankfully, although you can't see it, a frozen VSTi track can still be put into solo. Also, although you can't see it, other frozen VSTi tracks do become muted when any other track is in solo (as do other regular tracks).


The biggest problem is telling MEAP where to look for the track name. As the n4freeze button is very pale in frozen VSTi tracks and is very awkward for MEAP to find. This is surmounted by lowering the colour tolerance - forcing MEAP to be more specific what it looks for. Consequently, MEAP can treat frozen VSTi tracks pretty much like regular tracks.


Note: Due to this addition there have been some changes to the Graphics Not Found error dialog and to MEAP .ini file.