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Clear Type

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Using Clear Type in Cubase 10


In Cubase 6 the way certain on screen text is drawn within the audio application has changed. Certain elements now use ClearType. (ClearType uses a font smoothing algorithm which on most systems gives better / smoother viewing of on screen text).


NOTE: In Windows 7/8/10 it is virtually impossible to completely disable Clear Type (without tweaking the registry). Even with Clear Type OFF there will still be some artifacts. If the CT OFF graphics still fail, it may well be easier to create your own graphics using the MEAP Shots utility.




ClearType OFF



ClearType ON



As you can see, in close up the two look very different.


The default MEAP buttons for Path and Export are captured using ClearType ON.


Therefore, some users who are not using ClearType may find that MEAP cannot recognise the Path area or Export button.


To get around this problem, there is included a set of graphics that were captured with ClearType OFF.


If you are not using ClearType and you are using Cubase 5.5 or Nuendo 5 you should use the alternative graphics.



Using the alternative graphics:


Navigate to MEAP's Main Graphics Folder:


Windows 7/8: C:\Users\[yourusername]\AppData\Roaming\Phil Pendlebury\MEAP\graphics\[audioapplication]gfx\


Vista: C:\Users\[yourusername]\AppData\Roaming\Phil Pendlebury\MEAP\graphics\[audioapplication]gfx\


XP: C:\Documents and Settings\[yourusername]\Application Data\Phil Pendlebury\MEAP\graphics\[audioapplication]gfx\


You will find a folder called ClearType OFF which contains some images.


Copy the graphics from the ClearType OFF folder and paste them into the main Graphics folder (overwriting the other versions of the graphics).


Don't worry about overwriting the other versions, all graphics are backed up in the backup folder, should you ever decide to revert to ClearType ON.


Restoring graphics from backups:


Should you ever need to restore any of the default MEAP items - You can find backups of all Graphics, MEAPKeys, ini File, etc.:


Windows 7/8: C:\Users\[yourusername]\AppData\Roaming\Phil Pendlebury\MEAP\backups\


Vista: C:\Users\[yourusername]\AppData\Roaming\Phil Pendlebury\MEAP\backups\


XP: C:\Documents and Settings\[yourusername]\Application Data\Phil Pendlebury\MEAP\backups\


There is also a link to the backups folder in the Start menu Program Group.