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Email When Complete

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Email When Complete


If this box is checked, MEAP will send you an email when the  export has finished.


In this modern age, most people have the ability to receive email on their phone or pager etc. wherever their current location. Due to the nature of MEAP - (that it often must be left alone to "get on with it") -  it may be handy to have MEAP email you when it is finished exporting.


To do this you must first enter a valid email address into the correct area. Then put a check in the Email When Complete box. MEAP will check that you have entered a valid email and warn you if it is not valid.


You must enter the email address before checking the box.


The resulting email will look something like the following screen shot, depending on your email client.



Mail from MEAP (viewed in Gmail)


There are few thing to note about this feature.


MEAP uses its own server to send the email.
Obviously you must have an active internet connection on the machine that MEAP is running on.
NO INFORMATION is sent to anyone at MEAP or stored. The email is sent directly to the email address you enter.
You may receive a Windows Firewall warning the first time you use this feature - If you want to use it after a long export and are not sure about the firewall warning - Run a small dummy export and test that the email works to your liking. This will also give you chance to allow MEAP to go through your FW
If MEAP cannot connect to the server for some reason it will time out after 60 seconds





MEAP Sending email to you



After the mail is sent this message will close and MEAP will finish. It will then display the usual MEAP Complete message.