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Export Cycle Markers

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Export CYCLE Markers



Export Markers (Cycle)


This option will not be selectable if Default File Name is not selected in the Main Options.



Select Default File Name


You can now select Export Markers (Cycle) >>>



Export Markers (Cycle) Selected


If this box is checked it will cause MEAP to behave in slightly different way to normal.


This option is intended only for one purpose - to export ALL tracks that are marked by Cycle Markers. You must either enter a Default File Name for this feature or select Use Default Audio Application File Naming. However, in order to avoid confusion you will not be able to select this option if Default File Name is not chosen.


You cannot mix Single Markers AND Cycle Markers.


All locator options are irrelevant and will be ignored.


The Transport Time Display must be set correctly.


Make sure the Marker Track is selected and that MEAP will be able to move through the Marker Cycles. You can test this by selecting a cycle marker and pressing the LEFT or RIGHT arrow keys.


Also you must make sure that the Marker track only contains Cycle Markers and not any other type of markers.



Export Cycle Markers


Each cycle marker range will be separately exported one at a time. MEAP does this by reading the left locator position of each range (according to your Transport Time Display) and then exporting it. The export will be named after your default file name with _pt01, _pt02 etc. appended to the name. After export MEAP moves the locators to the next cycle range and exports it. When MEAP reaches the first part again it will finish.


Number of tracks is also not relevant here as there will only ever be one export loop. Tracks will default to 1 (and in fact can not be adjusted to more than 1 when this option is selected).


If Default File Name is not selected you will not be able to select this option. If any other file naming option is selected after checking this option, it will be de-selected.



Use Default Application File Naming


This option can only be chosen if Export Cycle Markers is chosen already.


Unfortunately there is no way to make this work with Cubase 5 onwards. and Nuendo 5 onwards - For these applications you must use Default File Name in MEAP Main Options.


If this option is selected, MEAP will ignore all the file naming and path options. It will use only the audio application's default file name and path.

This can be useful for automatically naming files according to the Marker name.

If this option is used MEAP cannot write a log file as there is no location set by MEAP.



Set by Application!


Be sure you have set your desired path within the audio application if using this option.