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Extra Options #2

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Extra Options #2




Create Track List Log


Creates a text file in the logs folder with time date and track listing information. the file will be named MEAP_datetime (example MEAP_200712051124.txt). You can rename this file after export is finished.


An example log file looks like this.



MEAP version 6.30.455 born on Feb 01 2008

Starting Cubase 4 MEAP Export.

01/02/2008 11:54:07







Pump Reverb





01/02/2008 11:56:57

MEAP Export Procedure Completed.

Approx time saved: 00h:02m:50s

4 track(s) processed.

4 track(s) exported.

0 track(s) skipped.

Export Ended on track: Pump Reverb.

Last Filename exported was: Pump Reverb

Export Path C:\Users\Phil\AppData\Local\Temp\



End Screen Shot


If this box is checked, MEAP will take a shot of your screen after the last track has finished exporting and store it in the folder set earlier. The file name will be named MEAP_datetime (example MEAP_200712051124.bmp)