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General setup notes


Important information about focus and other applications running

MEAP will not work properly if the focus is taken away from MEAP or your audio application while the export is running.


Make sure that all other applications are closed while your export is running.


Examples of what should be closed are:


MSN or AIM messenger services that are likely to pop up windows while the export is running.
Web browser or email applications.
Screen savers or screen changing applications.
Anything else that is likely to steal focus from your audio application.


Do not attempt to browse the web, operate any other application or move the mouse while the export is running. This will also steal focus from your audio application and most likely cause the export to fail.


If you are experiencing initial trouble with MEAP being unable to send Key Commands to your audio application it may be due to MEAP requiring administrator privileges.


An ordinary process (a process run as a standard user) can not interact with or exchange information with an admin process. So if your audio application is running with elevated privileges, MEAP cannot interact with it.


As of version 7.67.050 you can now simply start MEAP by selecting the shortcut "MEAP (Run as Admin)".


Or make sure you set MEAP to Run as Administrator:



Right Click > Run as administrator



Testing MEAP

As mentioned in other sections - Before you export your 250 track movie score, It is a good idea to do a small dummy export with 2 or 3 very short empty tracks, to test you have everything working correctly.


Stopping MEAP

MEAP will stop if it detects any errors.

However, if you need to stop MEAP at any time you can quickly hover the mouse over the MEAP icon in the task bar and hit SHIFT+ESC or use the usual CTRL+ALT+DEL and stop MEAP running from the task manager.



More Info

What's all this about Focus?

The window that has Focus is the window that is in the foreground. The active window. This is the window that will receive all commands form your keyboard, mouse and consequentially - MEAP.


A lot of MEAP's features require MEAP to scan your screen and look for certain buttons and areas. In order to do this, MEAP needs to take a screen shot of your audio application. If another application is in the foreground, MEAP will not be able to find anything recognisable, MEAP will stop and you will see an error.


MEAP does attempt to force focus back to your audio application every time a vital command is sent but there is always the chance that a pop up window may appear at an inopportune time.


For that reason alone - all other applications should be closed.