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Multitimbral & Multioutput VSTi

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Multitimbral & Multioutput VST INSTRUMENTS


Exporting multitimbral (instruments with more than one voice) or multioutput (instruments with more than one channel output) VSTi, is actually very simple.


The key is to move the VST Instrument Tracks in your project to a place above the MIDI track that is controlling them.



VST Instrument track moved above the controlling MIDI track.


In the example above you can see at the bottom of the screen a MIDI track called ALL DRUMS which is assigned to Superior Drummer.

If you look upwards you can see the 3 main outputs / instruments of the Superior Drummer VSTi.


Notice that the selected "Kick" track is in Solo. This automatically puts the controlling MIDI track in Solo too.


MEAP would export only the Kick information.

MEAP would then move down to the Snare track and do the same.


And so on.


The actual MIDI track (ALL DRUMS) should not be exported, unless required, as this would export ALL of the ALL DRUMS data. Therefore it would be moved to the bottom of your track list to a position where MEAP does not reach it.


There is a short video about this (and SOLO DEFEAT) at the MEAP YouTube area.