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Preparing the project for MEAP




Arrange your screen so that the tracks you want to export are set out one underneath the other.


The SOLO button should be clearly visible next to the track name.



Tracks showing solo button and track name


From MEAP 7.65.595 the initial capture is of the left third of your screen - So if you have your track list further to the right this can be adjusted in the ini file:


[Image Options]



Changing this value to 2 will split the screen in half.



Check your Transport Time Display


Count the number of tracks (from the top) that you need to export. You do not have to start exporting from the top track in your project but MEAP will start exporting from the track you have selected and move downwards.


If you are using a "stop track" you do not need to count the number of tracks you want to export.


Tracks will be exported and named in order so move them to where you want them.


Folder tracks will also be exported so include them in your count. If you don't want to export folder tracks, move the tracks out of the folder. Closed folders will be exported as one file.


Watch out for linked tracks and groups tracks etc. If you are not sure do a short test export with locators set manually to 1 or 2 bars.


If you have any effects etc. that you do not want to include in the export - turn them off now.


Select the 1st (top-most) track and make sure it is NOT in SOLO!


If you use external effects or plug-ins make sure the appropriate checkbox has been checked in your audio application.


If you want to test exactly what will be exported - simply select your first track and hit the DOWN ARROW your desired number of times. Then adjust as required.



Please verify the following:


No tracks are in SOLO.
Inspector is hidden


First (top) track is selected.


Export Audio dialog closed.


Use Project Audio Folder is NOT selected.


Output Levels - FX - EQ - Inserts are set how you want them.


Close Dialog After Export is ticked.


No tracks are muted (except if Skip Muted Tracks is chosen).


Output Buss settings are set how you want them.


In case of error during export hit SHIFT+ESC.


When the project is correctly set up - you can then start the MEAP application