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Starting The Export

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On either the main or the advanced areas of the main MEAP dialog:



If you need to STOP/ABORT MEAP at any time - Move your mouse toe the Tray ICON and Double Click. You will have to do this quite fast, as MEAP will usually be trying to control your mouse a lot of the time.





Will quit MEAP without any further action.





Will begin the export procedure and save the current settings as defaults.


When you have double checked everything both in this dialog and in your project - hit OK.


You can still change any parameters in your project until the MEAP Ready dialog is completed.



Stop Track Warning


If you have selected any of the Stop Track options you will now see this dialog. At this point you can still return back to the main MEAP dialog by hitting RETURN.

Or hit QUIT cancel.

Or hit OK to continue.



Stop Track Warning dialog



After a short while this dialog will appear.


MEAP Ready



MEAP Ready! dialog



The MEAP Ready dialog box displays the correct audio application and informs you that MEAP is ready.


At this point you can still return back to the main MEAP dialog, Quit or hit GO! to continue.


Once hitting GO! your MEAP export will begin.


I can't count the number of times that I have started an export and forgotten to mute my effects or set the output levels etc. That's why I decided that this dialog should exist. I considered adding a buzzer sound and a screen flash to this... It is THAT important. :-)


(Just kidding about the buzzer)





The correct audio application series is selected

No tracks are in Solo before you begin

the first track you wish to export is selected

All solo buttons are visible


Export Audio dialog is closed

Output buss setting are how you want them

Output levels / FX / EQ / Inserts are set how you want them


In case of error during export - Mouse over the tray icon and hit SHIFT+ESC