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Support Made Easy

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MEAP 6.62+ features a new procedure for aiding technical support queries.


It's very simple:


Whenever MEAP finishes running, (including when your export has been successful) there will be a zip file created that contains some relevant information.


If you have a problem with MEAP simply upload this zip file ( as an attachment, along with your message, using the Support Ticket System. (Don’t forget to enter your MEAP Order Number and User Name).


It's as simple as that.


The default location for the file are:


Windows 7/8: C:\Users\[yourusername]\AppData\Roaming\Phil Pendlebury\MEAP\zip\


Vista: C:\Users\[yourusername]\AppData\Roaming\Phil Pendlebury\MEAP\zip\


XP: C:\Documents and Settings\[yourusername]\Application Data\Phil Pendlebury\MEAP\zip\


The MEAP technical support is already renowned for acting quickly and efficiently. Now it can be even more efficient.