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The Export "Loop"

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MEAP does it's stuff


After a pause the first track becomes soloed - The locators are set - The Export Audio dialog opens - The track is given a name and then the export begins.


After the track is exported the selected track will be un-soloed - The track selection will move down by one and the Main Export Loop starts again.


If you have opted to skip Muted tracks, MEAP will have to search your screen for the [M] button before starting each track export.


If you have opted to get track names from Project Tracks, MEAP will have to search your screen for the [S] button and then copy the track name (next to it) to the clipboard, before starting each track export. Be careful not to move the mouse at this point.


If you have opted to add bar information to your track names or if you are exporting using the Separate Parts option, MEAP will have to search your screen for the [L] (Left Locator on Transport Bar) before starting each track / part export.



Coffee Time


At this point you should do one or all of the following


Do not touch anything - any mouse movement or keyboard movement may interfere with the export.


Go for tea or coffee or water


Watch a movie (depending on the length of your export).


Sit and watch... Weird and fascinating too! :-)



In order to get track names / locator positions / mute status from your project MEAP has to find the solo button lit up on your screen.  MEAP has to search your entire screen for one small button in one particular colour.


It takes a very small amount of time. (depending on your processor and screen resolution etc.)




The export ends


After some time you should see this dialog. Depending on the number of tracks you have chosen to export. This will give you a summary of your export.


Approx time saved = How much time MEAP has been working for... how much time has it saved you.







This will exit the dialog but will automatically open the folder where you exports / export logs / ending screen shots have been stored.


If you have chosen to Use Application Defaults while doing a Marker Track export this button will not work correctly.




This will simply exit.



When the export finishes MEAP will automatically create a zip file called which contains some relevant information that may be useful for troubleshooting etc.