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Tracks and Track Naming

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Tracks and Track Naming





Here you can set the number of tracks to export (including tracks to be skipped). Remember - MEAP will start from the 1st track you select and move downwards one at a time. If you wish to export all tracks in a folder - collapse the folder. You can only enter numbers in this area. If you elect to use a Stop Track this item is unavailable.



First Track No.


Useful for if you have broken off your export for some reason and need to continue where you left off.


This option allows you to start your track numbering at a number other than 1 (if you are numbering your tracks in any way). For example; If you enter "5" here and "Default File Name" is on, the tracks will be named 05_myfilename, 06_myfilename etc.


You can enter any number here (including negative numbers) and of course the default value is 1.


This number does not affect the actual number of tracks you are exporting. So if you are exporting 3 tracks you will still set "Tracks" to "3".



Use Stop Track


If you check this box you can then enter a track name in the box below (any name you want). There are two options.



Export Stop Track


This will export the track named in the Stop Track area and THEN stop the export.



Stop at Stop Track


This will stop exporting BEFORE exporting the Stop Track. (MEAP will have to read the track name first).


Stop Track will only work if MEAP is set to Get Names From - Project Tracks or Get Names From - Project Tracks Numbered. If neither of these options is selected the Use Stop Track box will un-check itself.



Stop Track Name


Here is when you enter the name of your Stop Track. Please be sure your Stop Track is spelled identically to the way it is spelled within your project, including case and characters otherwise MEAP will not know when to stop.


You will receive a warning about this before export begins.. You may want to copy and paste the track name from your project.



Get Track Names From


Getting Track Names is a powerful feature. MEAP will find the name of each track in your project and name the exported file accordingly.


Here, everything can be set as it was for the basic export except you should select Get Track Names From Project Tracks. This will disable the Default File Name option and also allow you to optionally enter a stop track name. (More in that later).



Project Tracks


MEAP will read track names from the project. This method will add a little time to the export procedure (about 10 - 15 seconds per track) and it is important that the SOLO button is visible. Like this:



Visible Solo button


MEAP will automatically replace non-allowed Windows file-name characters with an underscore. So a track names blah>blah will become blah_blah.


Disallowed (reserved) characters in Windows are:


< (less than)

> (greater than)

: (colon)

" (double quote)

/ (forward slash)

\ (backslash)

| (vertical bar or pipe)

? (question mark)

* (asterisk)


None of these characters may be used in Windows file or folder names. Any of these characters will be replaced by MEAP with an underscore.


MEAP will NOT check for duplicate track names. If you have one or more track with the same name please use the option below (Project Tracks Numbered).



Project Tracks Numbered


MEAP will read track names from the project (as above). This will also add a number to the beginning of the exported file name. e.g. 01_Drums, 02_Bass etc. Very useful if you have duplicate track names as it will add a number to them and therefore eliminate any interruption due to duplicate file names.

Default File Name:



Default File Name


Enter your default file name in the box below. This will be the name for all your tracks and will be prefixed by the track number. e.g. 01_myfile, 02_myfile etc. This is the fastest method of export but obviously your tracks will not be named as they are in the project. This item is not used if you are reading track names from your project. This item must be selected if you are planning to use the Export Cycle Markers option.



File Path


Click the Browse button to browse to the folder where you would like to save your exported files. If you have elected to make a track list log and / or end screen shot - they will also be saved to this folder.


You can also name your tracks in much more complex manner. This is explained in detail in the Custom File Naming section.