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Version Info

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will exit the dialog and open the MEAP download web area in your web browser. (The main MEAP program will still be running).




Press the CHECK button and the dialog will now read version info directly from the internet and give you the version information.


meap version

MEAP Version Information



The dialog will issue the following messages:


The version of MEAP you are using


The Latest version of MEAP available for download.



If you are running the latest version:


You have the latest version


No action required.



If you are running an outdated or older version:


New MEAP version available at


You should go to (via the WWW button if you wish) and download + install the latest version as soon as possible.



If you have no internet connection or if the server is unavailable:


Unknown response - Please check later


No action required.



if you are running a NEWER version than the latest version! :-)


Your MEAP version is NEWER than the latest version!


Of course this last scenario will never happen unless you are the MEAP developer...




will simply exit the dialog and return you to the main MEAP dialog settings.