Should I run MEAP as an administrator? If so – How?

If MEAP does not have administrative privileges it may sometimes be unable to send messages and key commands to Cubase or Nuendo and MEAP may therefore seem to be doing nothing.

On some Windows systems you will have to make sure you are running MEAP as an Administrator. An ordinary process (a process run as a standard user) can not interact with or exchange information with an admin process. So if your audio application is running with elevated privileges, MEAP cannot interact with it.

As of version 7.67.050 you can now simply start MEAP by selecting the shortcut “MEAP (Run as Admin)“.

Or make sure you set MEAP to Run as Administrator. You can do this by Right Clicking on the MEAP short-cut and selecting “Run as administrator”.

Run as administrator

You can also make this permanent by Right Clicking on the shortcut and selecting Properties > Compatibility > Run this program as an administrator.