Registered MEAP Users – Please use this form for MEAP Technical Support, User Account Support and Billing Support.

Whenever MEAP finishes running, (including when your export has been successful) there will be a zip file created that contains some relevant information.

If you have a problem with MEAP simply upload this zip file ( as an attachment, along with a message here. This file usually passes sufficient information to enable the problem to be fixed within minutes, especially if it is Graphic Not Found Error.

Even if MEAP did not generate the zip file or you cannot find it – Please submit a comprehensive report, describing the problem in as much detail as possible.

Taking a few extra minutes now will be worth-while. Sending a message saying  “it will not work” will only result confusion.

Before posting: Please check out the FAQ and make sure you are using the latest MEAP Version: 8.11.124 born on Mar 04 2020

Current response time for support tickets is usually under 4 hours, depending on time of submission relative to GMT.

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