MEAP 8.11.124 Update Released

MEAP 8.11.124

MEAP version 8.11.124 update has been released.

8.11.124 UPDATE:

  • Added alternative extra Key Command Option (CTRL+SHIFT+K) for triggering Export
  • Fixed bug where Select Tool would be changed, (this involves new Key Command file)
  • Recompiled with latest compiler 15.0.06
  • Small tweaks and fixes / improvements
  • Updated some manual sections

Please note that this version (like the last version) re-enables the key-command to start the actual export of audio. This is set in the ini file. It was set to Button previously, as there were issues getting the key command to work. I believe that is now solved. Please look in the manual regarding this.

There are still some very important things to note. For example, the inspector must be hidden. This is because MEAP will be looking for SOLO buttons and may find the wrong button. (ie. it may find the one in the Inspector instead of the Track List).

Please read the manual section on KEY COMMANDS!

If anyone has any issues with this please do let me know via the usual channels.

This is a free update for all registered MEAP users.

Please note, as usual, if you are using any custom MEAP graphics you will need to replace them after installing the update