Using More Than One Monitor with MEAP

Using two (or more) monitors with MEAP can be problematic.

This is because many of MEAP’s functions require scanning your screen to find images or buttons. For example the Export Audio Window or the Transport Bar etc. If any of these items open on your second monitor, (or in other words if any of these items do not open on your main monitor), then MEAP may fail and halt as it cannot find the required items.

MEAP could be forced to scan all monitors but this would take a very long time, cause big delays and lead to other unexpected issues. So there are no plans to introduce support for this.

The simplest way to deal with this, if you are using more than one monitor, is to setup a Workspace in Cubase (or Nuendo) that brings everything onto your main monitor.

You can save your default workspace first.

This way you can simply switch to the single monitor Workspace before running MEAP and then switch back again when done. The switching of Workspaces takes about 1 second once setup.