Track Naming Not Working or Other Odd Things

Disable Conflicting Apps

If you are seeing unexplained odd behavior when MEAP is working, you may have an application running in the background that is interfering with the clipboard process or the key command process.

Symptoms of this could be:

  • MEAP is getting the track name but then pasting %t_name% or 1_%t_name% into the Export Audio Dialog
  • You have all the MEAP key commands set correctly but the keys don’t seem to be getting to Cubase/Nuendo
  • The Stop Track name is ignored

The solution to this is very simple:

Disable your Hotkey application while running MEAP.

Or add an exception so that the Hotkey or Clipboard application does not interfere with MEAP sending key commands to Cubase/Nuendo.

Windows Tray
Windows Tray – Where you will find most conflicting applications

Examples of applications that may interfere with MEAP:

  • AutoHotkey
  • Nostalgy
  • Ditto (No issue with Ditto here but potentially could interfere with clipboard)
  • Phrase Express

Further to this, as with many sensitive applications, it is always a good idea to stop any background tasks that may conflict, when you are running MEAP.

If anyone has any other examples of applications that are known to interfere with MEAP,  please let me know and I will add to the list.

Thank you.