What are the important Preferences to set in Cubase / Nuendo?

Some of the audio application Preferences are vital to allow MEAP to work. For example – Make sure that Solo Selected Tracks is OFF.

Why? MEAP automatically puts each track into solo mode so it can be exported (and so it can find the track name). If a Solo Selected Tracks is on then the track will already be put into solo mode. MEAP will switch that solo straight back off and will probably fail to get any further.

And any other Preference options that MEAP needs are set as they should be.

For example, in Cubase 6 and onwards – Check your Project & Mixer Preferences are set like this (The areas outlined in red are most important – they are not all vital but will help to make sure nothing confuses MEAP):

Also in Cubase 8 and onwards please close your inspector.

You can also – Read more about this in the manual.