What are the new Key Commands in MEAP Version 7 for?

Many Cubase 6 and 7 users may not be aware that since Version 7.67.141 of MEAP – The Export Button is actually pressed by a Key Command. This was done in order to make sure MEAP does not have to scan your screen for the Export Button on every export, hence saving time.

Some users miss how important setting up the Key Commands is. Everything MEAP does is controlled by a specific set of Key Commands that must be installed into your audio application.

Make sure you save your existing Key Commands (and Macros) by going to Cubase Key Commands dialog and saving them.

It is absolutely vital that you then select the MEAPKeysVx (where x is your audio application version) set of key Commands in the same area.

Obviously if you have any MACRO keys set up – these may interfere with MEAP’s key commands so they should be removed temporarily (this is why we saved everything above).

Once you have set up the MEAP Key Commands, do a small dummy export and see if it works.

The new Key Command for Export Audio is Ctrl+SHIFT+K and it is included in the new MEAPKeys files.

If for some reason it is still failing or you wish to revert to the old method, you can change the way MEAP presses that button:

Go to the meapdefs.ini file and look for the line:


Change this to


This will force MEAP to use your button graphic instead of the Key Command.