What’s the best way to set up a complicated export?

At present there is no reliable way for MEAP to recognise “different styles” of track.
MEAP can skip Muted tracks because it can recognise the Mute Button graphic (if the setting is activated).
MEAP can skip Folder Tracks (open or closed) because it can recognise the Folder graphic (if the setting is activated).
*Therefore you must always remember the way MEAP works:
  • Start from the first track you have selected
  • Export that track
  • Move DOWN to the next available track or any kind (you can test this by hitting the DOWN ARROW on your keyboard)
  • Export that track
  • So on – Until ending

If the option to skip muted tracks is enabled then Muted tracks are skipped.

Note that if you have a folder track open – The folder track itself will be exported AND THEN each individual track inside that folder. However, MEAP can be told to skip open or closed folder tracks using the options in the Project Options Tab.

Despite all this – The simplest way to achieve the export you want is to expect MEAP to move DOWN one track at a time… Set up your project accordingly before you begin.

Move unwanted tracks to the bottom of your project, out of the way. Take parts out of folders. Close automation . etc.

This takes a few moments and will definitely help a safe and clean export to happen.

*This does not apply to any of the Marker Track modes.