Why can’t MEAP get my Marker Track names? (C5.x N5.x C6.x etc.)

In older versions of Cubase and Neundo it was possible to tell the audio application to get the name (description) of the selected marker and use it as a file name.

Unfortunately this feature was taken away by Steinberg and there is no way to make this work with Cubase 5.x, Cubase 6.x and Nuendo 5.x – For these applications you must use Default File Name in MEAP Main Options.

Asking MEAP to find the marker names (descriptions) from Cubase 5.x 6.x or Nuendo 5.x may be possible in the future but it is very complicated, especially to make it reliable. It will also mean totally changing the way that MEAP currently selects markers. And it will mean that there are even more specific requirements to the way the screen is set up than there already are.

So, for now the best option here is to keep a small text file list of your marker names and rename the files after your export.